You’re in the Mariana Trench and Feel Like Dancing, Here’s Why

Date: 2020-11-14 17:00:09


The Mariana Trench is the deepest and most unexplored part of our planet. It’s so deep that if you stick Everest in it, its peak will still be underwater. The Mariana Trench is located in the Western Pacific Ocean, and its maximum known depth is 36,000 ft. Imagine you’re tired of watching documentaries about the Mariana Trench and decided to check it out yourself. But you have neither a special suit nor a submarine. You only have an air tank and a brick, which you tied to your leg. Take a deep breath, and dive in.

Okay, 5 ft underwater. You don’t feel anything unusual. This is the depth you might jump into a pool or swim at the beach to see exotic fish. 5 feet doesn’t cause any inconvenience, and you feel quite comfortable. But the brick pulls you deeper, and soon you find yourself at a depth of 32 ft. Here you begin to feel the main problem of diving so deep. And no, it’s not hungry sharks looking in your direction. The main threat is pressure. On the water’s surface, you felt 1 atmosphere of pressure. At a depth of 32 feet, this pressure is doubled. 65 ft underwater. It’s already quite dark here—and the discomfort from the pressure increases. By the way, do you know how much pressure a human can take underwater? And what would you feel in the deepest ocean bottom?



5 ft (1,5m) underwater 0:49

32 ft (10 m) 1:09

65 ft (20 m) 1:52

100 ft (30 m) 2:16

196 ft (60 m) 3:21

702 ft (214 m) 4:00

The limit of a human’s dive 4:42

A mini-submarine, which a person can wear 5:48

But hat if you want to go deeper? 6:20

Who lives at a depth of about 26,000 ft 7:33
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