Your Skin Is Made Of Glass (Episode 2)

Date: 2022-03-22 18:32:57


Imagine you wake up, look at your palms and see that they’re made of glass. Then you notice your whole body is made of glass. You don’t remember anything and how it could happen but realize your whole body is like a fragile statuette. Sounds like a nightmare and a challenge at the same time. What would you do?

Here’s a cool story about a person who basically turned into a glass vase. Would it be possible to save him from breaking? He’ll have to face dozens of scientists who’d be eager to examine him and would wanna escape ASAP. Would he manage to do it and survive?


Previous episode 00:00
A bright flash 00:17
Memory Processing 00:35
Man in the white robe 01:00
Two strangers 02:10
‘Scientists’ break 02:40
Tears in the girl’s eyes 03:20
The door opens 03:45
People with superpowers 04:20
Memories 05:00
You’ve got caught 06:05
Skin starts to crack 06:30
Arm turns into diamond 07:30
Like superheroes 09:00
Dog fight 10:00
Dr Mervil changes 11:20
Going home 12:20
Dad’s call 13:30

– A bright flash blinds you. You see some people in protective suits and gas masks when you open your eyes;
– You try to get up but realize that your arms and legs are tied to the table, and your head is secured with straps, panic overwhelms you;
– The scientists set you free;
– Scientists promise to create special medicine but It will take a bit of time. But in the evening they promise the main character will look the same as before;
– A ventilation grate falls from the ceiling directly on the head of one of the masked scientists! Two strangers, a guy and a girl, jump out of the ventilation shaft;
– It turns out that the friendly scientists have been robots all along;
– The girl’s tears fall on the lock. Then she snaps her fingers and sets it on fire. The door opens;
– The scientists and doctors who were taking care of you are gathered at a round table;
– It turns out that this good-natured doctor just wants to use you. And you are just a guinea pig for him;
– Now you have an escape plan. But as soon as you exit the room, you see several dozen robots. They’re pointing blasters at you;
– The laser does hurt you, but your cracks heal quickly. You see how your right arm turns into something even more solid for some reason;
– You see the robots running toward you again. But they get torn apart by your powerful hits. The angrier you get, the more your whole body hardens, and the more diamond chips cover it;
– You touch the clump of purple energy with your diamond hand. The ball passes through your hand and separates into many balls, which Bob then sends straight into the robots, making them shut down;
– You have almost reached your goal. You come up to a giant door leading to the docks;
– At that moment, the whole corridor lights up with a bright flash. The beam gets refracted inside your diamond arm and darts back, hitting Dr. Mervil. Dr. Mervil suddenly changes;
– The light goes off. The passage closes behind your back. Now, there’s nothing to stop you from going home;
– Suddenly, you realize you’re all alone in outer space, and there’s no way to get home.

Animation is created by Bright Side.
Music by Epidemic Sound

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