Your Right Earbud Will Always Discharge Faster Than Left, Here’s Why

Date: 2022-02-23 11:42:50


You use earbuds every day and charge them equally in their holding case. But strangely one earbud always discharges faster than the other one… Why does it happen? And is there a way to fix it? By the way, you’re not the only person experiencing this!

Let’s explore these 22 tech facts you can share with your friends. You’re gonna learn how to charge your phone quicker, how to edit your home screen effectively and how to save battery life. Plus, I’m gonna tell you everything about a breakthrough innovation coming in the world of headphones soon: the invisible headphones.


Invisible headphones 00:00
Headphones in history 01:20
Walkman 01:30
Discharged faster 02:00
Battery life 02:20
Guest mode 03:05
Phone as remote 03:30
Battery stylus 04:40
Edit home screen 05:18
Siri, whose phone is this? 05:50
Find My app 06:30
Save battery life 06:56
Siri reads messages 07:50

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