Your Ears Tell the World Everything About You

Date: 2020-10-06 03:00:12


What do our ears reveal about us? They can serve as identification. When we’re born, our ears are fully formed. They don’t change as we grow, although the lobe descends a little. This makes them a great way of identifying a person, just like a fingerprint. But, more than that, нour ear shape could reveal your personality! For example, wide ears can be a sign that the person is creative. These people are usually great artists.

Or you can believe, or not believe the fortune teller who reads your palms and claims to know your future, but the shape of your palm is sure to describe your personality. Palms with short fingers are a sign of a stubborn person. Also, we can tell it from a face expression if the person is friendly or not. Nose shape matters, too! So, let’s find out what your physical traits can say about your personality.


Palms 0:01
Face shape 1:02
Ears 4:26
Nose shape 5:35
Philtrum 6:11
Lips 6:32
Eyes 7:13
Eyebrows 7:53
Body fat 8:31

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