You Use Phone Every Day But Know So Little About It

Date: 2020-07-17 03:00:15


You’re scrolling through your feed and see an ad shouting: “Install antivirus on your phone right now!” Hmmm, you think – my phone isn’t protected. Perhaps, I should download this. Yes, unfortunately, not all apps have the best intentions: some programs can collect the data from your phone, share your personal information, and even steal money from your bank account.

But wait. Do phones actually need antivirus programs to reduce potential risks? Yeah, we should figure this out before pressing “install”. By the way, which devices are more secure, Android or iOS? Which operating system should you choose if you want to keep your device free of viruses and malware? Let’s figure out!


Why don’t phones need antivirus? 00:00
Why is there no headphone jack? 1:16
Why don’t smartphones have internal fans? 1:58
Why are phones getting bigger? 2:21
Why is your front pocket the worst place? 2:48
Why do phones all look the same? 3:20
Why do voice assistants always have female voices? 3:52
Why do phones take so long to charge? 4:06
Why do phones sometimes turn off for no reason? 4:42
Why are phones so expensive? 5:20
Why do phones stop us from falling asleep? 5:50
How did the iPhone get its name? 613
Where did Apple’s logo come from? 6:35

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