You May Have Been Eating Bugs Your Whole Life

Date: 2022-03-07 07:48:27


There’re numerous things in this world we believe in that turn out to be false. Let’s play a cool game: I’m gonna tell you 28 facts and you’ll decide which of them are myths and which are true facts. Are you ready? How well can you tell lies from truth?

From the fact that carrots help you achieve night vision to the fact that turkeys blush when they’re excited, angry or sick… Some of these facts have so long been in our lives that it’s hard to imagine they’re mere misconceptions. But let’s get all the myths debunked!


Carrots help you see in the dark 00:00
Diamonds aren’t special 00:26
Froot Loops flavors 00:50
Dropping a penny 01:08
Dark side of the Moon 01:27
Kleenex and gas masks 01:44
Chocolate is bad for you 02:03
Weekend sleep-ins 02:20
Zombies are real 02:40
The largest living organism 03:13
Turkeys can blush 03:38
We have 5 senses 04:02
Bats are blind 04:32
Unicorns are real 04:50
Honey never spoils 05:15
Oranges are always orange 05:42
Bugs in strawberry Frappuccino 06:05
Firefighters use wetter water 06:23
Leave wasps alone 06:42
The Eiffel Tower 07:05
Head lice prefer dirty hair 07:20
Camels’ humps store water 07:40
8 glasses of water a day 08:00
An elephant never forgets 08:23
Bananas grow upside-down 08:50
Number before 1,000 contains 09:05
Guinness Book of World Records 09:17
You’re eating real wasabi 09:40

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