You Can’t Surf Tsunami But You Can Even Bigger Waves, See Why

Date: 2020-09-29 08:40:25


What’s the biggest wave ever surfed? Imagine a 10-story-high wall of water with a foamy-white peak smashing into the shore. That’s the mental image we all have when we think of tsunamis, but is it accurate? And if it is, why don’t daredevil surfers ride them? That’s a huge wave begging to be caught! Fear of heights? Top speeds? Because they choose life? But they’re supposed to be daredevils!

Seriously, where would anyone get the idea to surf a tsunami? Movies! All those disaster flicks depicting tsunamis as monstrous waves. Realistically, the difference between tsunamis and surfing waves is as ridiculously huge as that movie wave about to take out that skyscraper. You CAN surf on a massive wave. As long as it’s the right kind. And that surfable kind can even be bigger than tsunamis! So, what is the difference between this “right” kind of wave and tsunamis?


“Right” kind of wave VS tsunami 1:40
How tsunamis are born 2:49
Can surfing waves be dangerous? 4:59
So, what if… 5:45
The biggest wave ever surfed 7:03
The waves of Nazare 8:18

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