You Can Be Suddenly Downgraded on a Flight, Here’s Why

Date: 2020-11-12 07:44:25


Can you be ‘downgraded’ on a flight? You arrive at the airport, anticipating a pleasant flight – after all, you’ve paid more for that extra legroom! Or a comfy window seat. Or a business class. That’s when you find out you’ve been.. downgraded! How come? And if you can get downgraded, is the opposite possible too? Then, what other secrets do airlines hide?

Experts claim downgrades do happen – and rather frequently at that! The reasons vary: the airplane can get unexpectedly swapped for a smaller one because of some technical issues. There have also been cases when people bought first-class tickets only to find out later there was no first class on the plane whatsoever! But the rules of downgrading and upgrading aren’t the only secrets airlines, flight attendants, and airport staff don’t want you to know. Interested? Then check out these surprising facts every traveler will like to know.


Downgrades do happen! 0:01
How about getting a better seat? 1:05
Ask for compensation 2:08
Who are spinners 2:19
Why flight attendants dislike delays 3:14
The cheapest days to fly 3:50
In-flight dings 4:46
Flight attendants assess you 5:24
You can ask for an extra portion 6:18
Planes never fly in straight lines 6:33
Free water 8:02
The dirtiest places 8:15
Secret bedrooms for crew members 8:52

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