Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away a Boarding Pass

Date: 2019-12-09 11:00:07


Hey, you know that piece of paper they give you at the airport? It gets scanned, and then you toss it in the trash. Yeah, boarding passes! There are plenty of reasons why you might wanna hang onto that thing for your next trip.

Okay, you may not be a celebrity or a billionaire CEO jetting across the world. But what if someone is tracking your movements for some sinister reason? They might be planning to burglarize your home? Or, even worse, they may want to pry into your private life! Btw, all your payment information is in the boarding pass barcode!

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It’s more vulnerable than you think… 0:19
Full name 0:39
Passenger Name Record 1:08
Ticket number 1:34
Your flight carrier and number 1:32
An open door for scammers 2:04
Travel itinerary 2:29
Barcode 2:51
Your contact details 3:11
Financial details 3:35
Identity theft 3:55
The downside of the web 4:23
Claiming compensation 4:58
Tax records 5:27
Accessing the airline’s website 5:53
Your flight seat 6:24
In-flight meal preference 7:09
Your Frequent Flyer rewards 7:30
Forgot Password? 8:01
That Code Sharing practice 8:21
Boarding Pass Privileges 8:46
Privacy invasion 9:15
Hypothetical risks 9:49

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– Your name can be tagged to carry out all kinds of deeds without you knowing it. Or they might just look you up on social media and find your pictures and details there.
– To do anything involving your confirmed flight booking, all it takes is to know your full name combined with the Passenger Name Record or your ticket number.
– The boarding pass barcode is normally at the bottom right side. Posting it, along with all the other personal details there, on social media is all it takes for your private information to be exposed.
– Your home address, email, contact phone number – it’s all in that barcode! Now your physical safety could be at risk!
– All your payment information is in that barcode too! Whoever has your debit or credit card information can even make new purchases using these details.
– At this point, your identity is now at risk. That means someone can carry out a whole slew of transactions or purchases using your name and other personal information.
– Once you’re aware of the airline’s terms and conditions, you can then apply for compensation. And your boarding pass is the first document you’ll need.
– If you travel for work, your trips could be tax-deductible. You’ll need proof that you physically got on a plane and flew from A to B, and a boarding pass is exactly that.
– With your name and Passenger Name Record, anyone can access the airline’s website.
– Unauthorized changes to your meal preferences are more than just mere inconveniences.
– You think you’re safe with all your login accounts? When someone clicks FORGOT PASSWORD, they usually send the reset password to your email.
– Your Passenger Name Record can also be used to log in to the websites of other code sharing airline partners.
– If your trip is confidential and sensitive, then an exposed boarding pass is exactly what you don’t want.
– If the wrong person got hold of information that you or the whole family will be on vacation in another city or country for the next 2 weeks, then it could spell real trouble!

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