Why You Can Fly Into a Hurricane But Not a Thunderstorm

Date: 2020-01-30 17:00:08


Hurricane flights are not showing-off fests, but hugely important tasks undertaken only by high-end professionals. Extreme weather warnings are the only way to make them as definitive as possible. It’s not rare that after the new information is received from hurricane flights the danger which the storm represents is raised immediately. And this information can save many lives.

Crew members on board going for a storm-chase are most often mesmerized with how fast a hurricane can gain its might. Every flight is a great risk, but meteorologists, technicians and NOAA officers are willing to go for it if it will save hundreds and thousands of people.

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90% pure boredom 1:04
What planes are used for hurricane research 1:34
Dropwindsonde. How does it work? 1:58
What members of the crew eat 2:55
The worst thing 3:41
The eye of the storm 4:13
The hunt for Hurricane Hugo 5:17
Major challenges 6:59

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– The wind can’t blow away the plane. Even if it gets to 200 mph, it barely shakes the airplane.
– Hurricane flight crew members even say that their missions consist of 10% of extreme moments when everything is on the line and 90% pure boredom.
– Mostly medium-sized planes are used, but it may be either a modified business class plane or a military aircraft – it’s not that crucial.
– Dropwindsonde is a complicated and extremely important device… that gets thrown out of the plane. Inside the hurricane – there is no return after that, but while it’s falling from a 10,000 ft altitude it gets the job done.
– All the food members of the crew would eat the day of the flight should contain as little salt or spice as possible and they should overall follow a strict diet.
– Rainclouds become everything you can possibly see and the world around is just a gray nothingness.
– The worst thing is the debris.The most damage caused by the hurricane comes from them, flying through the air and crushing everything on their path.
– A plane needs to be at a certain altitude from 7,000 ft to 10,000 ft depending on the type of the hurricane.
– Going through quakes of 2 g is disturbing, but at 4 or 5 g – it can damage an airplane severely and make people inside lose consciousness.
– The eye of the hurricane is like a colossal stadium – grey walls around it and absolute clarity inside.
– Hurricane chasing once began with a simple challenge. The first time someone decided to fly a plane into the storm was in 1943. It was an AT-6, small two-passenger fighter plane, destined to prove its pilot the bravest.
– Hurricane flights of today have two major challanges. Planes used in them are still too slow to get all the changes inside the hurricane.
– Additionally, the piloting of the plane is very specific because the crew is always at great risk.
– As for now, there are still people willing to fly the plane to the hurricane. They swear that they aren’t crazy – just really devoted to their profession.

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