Why Wires Are Colored the Way They Are

Date: 2019-12-18 11:00:00


We are so used to the stuff around our house that we don’t even think how it all works. What’s the water dripping from the AC? How does a microwave work? What do the lights on a Wi-Fi router mean? Why are the electrical wires colored the way they are?

But guys, please do not try to study the wires yourself, it can be dangerous. We’ll just show them to you from the Bright Side of life if you don’t mind. (That way, you can’t accidentally make your life, um, way brighter, you know.) In each country, the wire markings are different, but we’ll tell you what they mean in the US.

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Why does the printer release hot sheets? 0:25
What’s the water dripping from the AC? 0:50 ☔️
Fridge 1:20
How does a microwave work? 1:43
What do the lights on a Wi-Fi router mean? 2:48
QWERTY 3:52 ⌨️
Wire colors 4:48
Ready-to-assemble furniture 7:04
Chairs on wheels 7:44
We all love bubble wrap! 8:20 💥
Washing dishes 9:02

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– The toner melts and is finally fixed on paper, so you get a clear image and a warm sheet.
– When the AC cools the warm air, moisture forms, which accumulates and gradually flows out.
– Many have heard that a fridge filled with food consumes less electricity. Sadly, this is a myth. The energy consumption is the same no matter if it’s stuffed or not.
– Microwaves only penetrate a couple of inches and do it unevenly around the dish. That’s why your sandwich can be partly cold and partly scalding hot.
– PWR (power) — everything is clear here. A light indicates whether your router is connected to the electrical outlet and receiving power.
– SYS (often indicated by a gear icon) is a system indicator. If it blinks, everything is in order; if it is constantly on, then it means an error in your system.
– WLAN is our favorite Wi-Fi icon. If it blinks, it means the wireless network is working fine and you can continue watching YouTube.
– LAN — these are 4 identical icons. Most likely, they will never bother you. They’re only on if several more computers are connected to your router via cable.
– WAN — the Internet icon. It shows that you are connected to the global network and must always be on.
– The QWERTY layout is said to have been invented specifically to slow down the typing speed. At the time of the first mechanical typewriters, metal keys were arranged alphabetically, and people sometimes typed so fast that the keys jammed with one another.
– Black indicates a hot or live wire that’s carrying a current and brings power to all circuits.
– Red is the second hot wire for large appliances such as a stove, clothes dryer, or air conditioner.
– Blue and yellow are hot wires too. They maintain common plug-in electrical devices, such as fans or lights.
– White or gray indicate a neutral wire needed for safe work with electrical devices. Green, green with a yellow stripe, or bare copper work in a similar way.
– Don’t rush to put the dirty stuff in the dishwasher, though. The smell of detergent, warm water and the tactile sensation of plates — all this reduces stress levels by about 30 percent.

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