Why We Use Red Cups at Parties And Blow Candles on Birthdays

Date: 2020-01-21 11:00:04


I was recently invited to a party. And while I was having fun, I began to think about all the things that make a party a party: Why are all the cups red? And who invented barbecue, dancing, and birthday wishes?

It turns out that the first birthday party was in Ancient Egypt in 3000 BCE! Wish-making tradition dates back to Ancient Greece, and in England, coins and jewelry were put into the cake, which was then divided among all the guests. Here’s what else I found out!

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-The first birthday party was in Ancient Egypt in 3000 BCE. Only the pharaohs and their heirs were allowed to celebrate them. It was the same in Ancient Rome – only the kings and high-ranking officials got a feast on their special day.
-In Ancient Greece, a special pie was brought to the temple for the birthday of Artemis. The pie itself symbolized the moon, and the candles – the light from it.
-BBQ became popular thanks to George Washington in the 18th century! And he learned to BBQ from African Americans.
-In 1853, chef George Crum brought his signature dish to a rich client – french fries. However, the guest didn’t like how thick the potato was cut. So, Chef Crum jokingly decided to cut the potatoes into paper thin slices and then fry them.
-In 1970, the American company “Solo Cup” first released its iconic plastic red cups. They instantly became popular with young people. They are red so that you can easily find your drink on the table – the red color stands out. Second, from a psychological point of view, the red color calls for decisiveness and action.
-Pinata-like rituals have appeared in all corners of the planet. But it’s believed that it originated from China, where the ancestors of the pinata were paper lanterns and dragons.
-A very long time ago, people didn’t dance because it was fun, but to conduct pagan rites. They even took dance movements from animals.
-The first fireworks appeared in China and looked like this: a bamboo stick was thrown into the fire, bamboo banged loudly and it was believed that this scared away evil ghosts.

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