Why Toothpicks Come With Grooves and 30 Hidden Details

Date: 2022-03-30 05:01:30


Why do toothpicks come with grooves? Usually they have several of them: the first one is weak and it’s easy to break a toothpick in two. But why is there the second one? Simple objects around us have numerous details we have no idea about! But it’s so much better to be aware of the original purpose of the everyday items. If you don’t know these hidden purposes, you don’t fully use your stuff.

In this video we’re gonna find out why some cups look like they’re chipped on the bottom, which secrets a dollar bill is hiding and why most headphones, both wired and wireless, have little holes. Make the most of these 32 daily objects with their hidden functions!


Computer cable 00:00
Public bathrooms 00:20
Stink pipes 00:35
Blank pages 01:08
Golf balls 01:20
Windshield black dots 01:30
Colored dots on chip bags 01:58
Microwave 02:15
Grocery cart loops 02:33
Ointment cap 02:50
Toothpicks 03:19
Owen drawer 03:57
Green bottles 04:10
Stickers on fruit 04:20
A dollar 04:50
Chocolate box 05:20
Bath foam 05:33
A good doorknob 05:54
Carton milk 06:23
Peanut butter 06:30
Coffee shop 07:03
Mason jar 07:46
Headphones 08:26
Stick sachets 08:40

Music by Epidemic Sound

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