Why Smartphones Don’t Have an Internal Fan Like Computers

Date: 2020-02-09 03:00:03


Did you know that phone developers often leave “Easter eggs” within their product? Your phone’s hiding secret tricks and features from you! You wouldn’t find them if you didn’t know where to look! (And tell us in the comments which ones worked for you!)

And what about the most common myths about making your battery last longer? Or why doesn’t this palm-sized computer need an internal fan like your PC? Ok, enough questions – let’s get some answers!

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Mini-games on Android devices 0:33
Secret homage to Apple’s late founder 1:06
Encrypted quote 1:22
Apple Park address 1:56
Save battery power 2:22
The Guided Access feature 3:42
The Announce Calls feature 4:04
Internal fan? 4:21
Use your phone as a TV remote 5:25
… or as a surveillance camera… 5:36
… or as an ultraviolet detector! 5:58
A useful feature for anyone who likes to text 7:08
What if you lost your phone at home 7:58
What if you lost your phone outside the house 8:17

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– Go to the Safari browser. Open any site and click the “Share” button then “Add to reading list” to find a secret homage to Apple’s late founder.
– The Maps app icon has been changed several times, but it’s always shown a real address. At first, it was the company’s old location, but now it shows us the new Apple Park address.
– If your phone has an AMOLED or OLED screen, then you can significantly save battery power by making the wallpaper a jet black picture.
– Phone developers have said many times that background apps don’t waste energy. They just wait until you start them again.
– What does work is turning off the sound and, especially, the vibration!
– The Guided Access feature lets you hide any information from prying eyes. And there’s a ton of apps in Google Play and the App Store with this feature.
– Most phones are equipped with hardware that doesn’t allow them to heat up to extreme temperatures. They have special sheets that help with thermal diffusion to keep your gadget cool.
– You can use your phone as a TV remote – good news for anybody who tends to lose those things!
– There are also apps that can turn your phone into a surveillance camera that takes pictures as soon as movement occurs in the frame.
– One of the coolest things is that you can turn your phone into an ultraviolet detector.
– If you lost your phone at home, then you can go to your Android or Apple account through the browser on the computer and display the location of the phone.
– If you lost your phone outside the house, you can call it, display messages for whoever finds the phone, completely block and delete all data.

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