Why Smartphones Become Bigger If We Can Make Them Smaller

Date: 2020-08-05 11:00:01


When cell phones first appeared, they were really bulky and expensive. These early phones consumed lots of power, so they needed really big batteries to run. Plus, electronic components were also pretty large in those days. Besides their brick-like bodies, they also had long external antennas to reach the cell network.

But as time passed, electronic parts became smaller, and battery capacity increased enormously. Internal antennas appeared, and phones became thin and light as the overall technology improved. A 3.5-inch screen seemed okay to most people, and we thought it would stay that size forever. But nowadays it’s hard to find a smartphone that has a screen smaller than 5 and a half inches. Modern smartphones just keep getting bigger. So why are we now using smartphones that resemble tablets, if we already know the ways to make them smaller?


Why do smartphones keep getting bigger? 0:21
Hidden FM radio 2:22
Avoid fully discharging 2:45
The first cell phone 3:06
No mobile phone phobia 3:46
Who was Harald Bluetooth? 4:22
Take a photo with your headphones 5:04
Turn your smartphone into a microscope 6:02
Waterproof smartphones 6:34
Nikola Tesla predicted cell phones 7:46

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