Why Plane Seats Are Always So Small

Date: 2020-01-27 03:00:11


If you’ve ever traveled by plane, you know how it goes. Knees tucked under your jaw. Feet wedged against the bag you stuffed beneath the seat in front of you. One elbow in your hip crease. The other fighting your neighbor for space on the arm rest. And the comforting “thud-thud-thud” of a kid kicking your seatback from the row behind you.

So why do airline seats have to be so small? Is it for financial reasons? And … has it always been like that? Let’s find it out!

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It wasn’t always this way. 1:09
The overhead baby compartment from the 1950’s. 2:13
Airlines have two main priorities. 3:00
What’s a pitch when it comes to planes? 3:53
Seats have shrunk 5 inches since the 1950’s. 5:12
Seat width has diminished too. 6:14
Why this seat arrangement can be really dangerous. 6:57

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-In the olden days, there used to be ultra-fancy aircrafts with seats that become beds, hot showers, and cocktail bars.
-In the 1950’s parents could tuck junior into a basket that hung off the side of the overhead compartment.
-The first priority of airlines is to get you to your destination safely. The airline’s second priority is to make money.
-Airlines measure seat room using something called “pitch.” A 29-inch pitch means that there are 29 inches between the edge of your seat and the edge of the seat in front of you.
-In the 1950’s Boeing’s 707—a cool plane widely considered the first commercial jet—had a pitch of 34 inches.
-In the 1990’s, the narrowest seats were 19 inches; today the widest seat in economy is skinnier than that! And some seats are as little as 17 inches wide.
-Passengers are wedged so tightly in their seats that crowded conditions slow them down. But when a plane is in trouble, every second counts.

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