Why Plane Seats and Windows Don’t Match Up And 31 Rare Facts About Flights

Date: 2020-01-12 11:00:04


Even though they’re one of the most popular ways to travel long distances, airplanes remain somewhat enigmatic and evoke countless questions. Can a plane fly if one engine is out? Do the wings do all the flying?

But most importantly, why, after choosing a window seat, are you sometimes stuck looking at a wall? Is it a design flaw, or probably a matter of security? Let’s find it out!

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The pressurized air in the passenger cabin is as dry as the Sahara Desert 0:25
Every 37 seconds, a plane takes off or lands at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport 0:56
The wings are just one of the flight’s crucial components 1:13
Turbulence is getting worse and more frequent as carbon dioxide levels go up 1:35
The Boeing 747-8 has enough electrical capacity to power almost half a million flat-screen TVs 1:43
Some airlines only wash blankets about once a month 1:55
The Bede BD-5 Micro holds a Guinness World Record for being the smallest and lightest jet 2:06
The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest commercial aircraft – it can carry up to 853 passengers 2:19
The world’s largest and heaviest aircraft is the Antonov An-225 2:39
The dirtiest place on a plane isn’t the bathroom – it’s your tray table 2:55
Voyager was the first plane to fly around the world without refueling or stopping 3:05
At any moment, there are 61,000 people traveling by plane over the US, and around 5,000 aircraft carrying them 3:18
More than a third of your taste buds don’t work when you’re in the air 3:28
Only 5% of the Earth’s population has ever been on a plane 3:38
Inside a Boeing 747, there are around 140 miles of wiring 3:48
The average cruising altitude of most commercial aircraft is only 7% of the distance to space 4:02
Airplanes not only get hit by lightning, they can also trigger it 4:16
During a 3-hour flight, your body loses 10 glasses of water 4:40
Residence by Etihad Airways is a three-room apartment with a bed, vanity, armchair, and onboard shower 4:52
If the temperature drops below -40°F, jet fuel freezes, and the plane can’t take off 5:11
There are planes that can fly with one engine shut down without any problems 5:35
A Boeing 767 tanker carries enough fuel to fill the tanks of 1,200 minivans 5:59
Airplane windows and seats don’t always match up, so choosing a window seat doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a great view 6:15
Concorde, the fastest commercial airplane ever, could fly at twice the speed of sound when it was in use 6:51
The average cruising speed of a commercial airliner is 575 mph 7:09
Mercury isn’t allowed on flights because even a small amount of this liquid metal can be super dangerous 7:25
At some point in your flight, the plane is likely to be controlled only by the autopilot 7:44
In case of an emergency, oxygen masks only have enough airflow to last for about 15 minutes 8:08
There is a concept of a plane with a detachable passenger cabin 8:25
A lot of airlines insist that their pilots and co-pilots eat different meals 8:56
The first company that offered its customers online check-in was Alaska Airlines in 1999 9:09
The white trails airplanes leave in the sky are nothing but condensation 9:27

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