Why Phones Have No Bold or Underlining But Apps Do (And Other Whys)

Date: 2020-09-13 03:00:06


How to highlight text messages? You’re writing a text message, and you want to highlight some important details in bold. But it seems like you haven’t been able to do that…well, ever! And there’s a reason why. SMS stands for Short Message Service, which serves as the courier for sending out your little digital messages. But it doesn’t let you do any rich text formatting like you can with many of your apps. Instead, there’s a restricted alphabet available for sending out texts. But let’s say you want to highlight a word in bold. Well, there’s a way to do that.

There are other strange things about phones. Why do you sometimes still hear an echo when you call someone? Why does your phone occasionally get hot while you’re using it? Why have most companies removed the home button from their phones in the past few years? And what things apart from battery health, charging cables, and adaptors might be slowing down your phone? Learn some interesting smartphone facts with our new video!


How to make text bold? 0:01
Why you hear an echo 1:15
Wireless charger vs. charging cables 2:24
Why your phone gets hot 3:36
Broken screens 4:41
What slows down your phone 6:10

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