Why New Phones Don’t Have Home Buttons

Date: 2020-01-13 17:00:18


The average person spends more than 3 hours a day looking at their phone. Might not sound like a lot, but that’s more than a month and a half out of every year! With all that time spent staring at it, you might’ve noticed your new phone is missing a button or two?

It’s not your imagination – the home button is disappearing, and it might not be the only one! Smartphones have been shedding buttons for years, so it’s no big surprise that companies like HTC and Samsung are trying to do without.

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The first smartphone with a home button 0:34
The home button in iPhone 1:11
The alternative for home button 2:30
The biggest problem with button-free phones 3:23
Other ideas that didn’t work out: Sony Experia 4:04
Smart Scroll 4:55
Air View 5:23
Galaxy Beam 5:57
BlackBerry Storm 6:34

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-The BlackBerry Electron was the first smartphone with full keyboard and dedicated call and hang up buttons, and arrow keys or a tiny trackball.
-Getting rid of the keyboard in iPhones in 2007 allowed the screen to more than double in size. It didn’t take long for the call and end-call buttons to disappear. Since menus weren’t as important as they used to be, there wasn’t as much of a need for a dedicated back or menu button either. The home button was the next to be removed.
-HTC’s U12 replaces its buttons with touch sensors, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 got rid of the power button completely. You can still change the settings so that the voice assistant button works as the power button.
-Without physical feedback, it can be hard to tell if you pushed a button right. Not to mention that there’s just something satisfying about the click of a real-life button.
-Sony Experia was supposed to be a phone that could double as a portable gaming console. That might’ve been a good idea in theory, but very few game developers believed in Sony’s new product.
-Smart Scroll was a feature included in the Samsung Galaxy X 4 that allowed your phone to scroll up and down automatically.
-Air View was the feature that allowed Samsung users to preview notifications without having to touch the screen.
-Samsung’s Galaxy Beam and Beam 2 were the only phones that came with a built-in projector. Motorola tried something similar with one of their Moto Mod phone attachments.
-BlackBerry Storm was the company’s first touch screen phone, and they knew they needed something big to stand out from the crowd. The screen featured a system called SurePress that was designed to mimic the sound and feel of a physical keyboard.

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