Why Hotels Never Provide Toothpaste and 16 Other Insights

Date: 2019-12-12 18:00:00


Staying at a hotel, you expect a certain level of service. But what you probably don’t realize is that hotels have lots of secrets and rules you’re not supposed to know. For example, why hotels don’t provide guests with toothpaste? Or have you ever wondered why they never use fitted sheets in hotels?

Speaking of sheets, you must have noticed that bed linen and towels in hotels are almost always white. Why is that? And you may have seen a rather weird thing in many hotels: a phone in the bathroom, especially just next to the toilet. If you wonder who would need such an amenity, you’d probably be surprised to know why it’s an actual requirement for some hotels. So, how about looking under the hotel bed and finding out what they hide from you?

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So what about toothpaste? 0:21
Why they never use fitted sheets 0:51
Why towels are always white 1:19
Why they overbook their rooms 1:51
A mandatory “resort fee” 2:16
A phone next to the toilet 3:14
Don’t use hotel safes 3:44
Why they don’t provide plungers in rooms 4:21
A 5-star hotel can be dirty! 5:28
What a continental breakfast is 6:32
Why some hotels only accept credit cards 6:52
Cheaper hotel VS more expensive hotel 8:07
No sockets near the bed 8:45

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– Hotels don’t provide guests with toothpaste for two main reasons: it’s either too expensive or, surprisingly, not expensive enough.
– The sheets are changed much more often than you do it at home, and the elastic becomes worn out all too soon.
– According to public polls, people perceive white color as luxurious and fresh, which makes their stay more pleasant.
– You’ll be safe if you’ve paid for a room in advance, not just booked it.
– If you see an unusually attractive price for a room on a website, be careful: it might not include a mandatory “resort fee.” I
– The time of check-in and check-out is fixed not to annoy you.
– Hotel safes use pass codes instead of regular locks, so chances are that someone in the hotel might know the master code.
– A plunger in the bathroom, according to anonymous polls, makes people think that the toilet may malfunction at some point, which doesn’t help the image.
– Carpets add to the sound-proofing, which you’ll be thankful for if you have overly active neighbors.
– A hotel might have 5 stars but still be dirty and unfriendly, while a 2-star one could provide fewer amenities but be a much more inviting place.
– Many people think that hotels usually don’t have ceiling light fixtures to create an intimate and at-home atmosphere, but that’s only partly true.
– Wall fixtures and lamp stands are much easier and cheaper to maintain and service, while ceiling lights take a lot more money to install and replace.
– Budget hotels often provide lots of free services to their guests, while posh ones will likely charge extra for everything they can.
– Lots of hotels around the world were built before mobile phones and other portable devices became so popular and widespread.

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