Why Flies Are So Attracted to Us

Date: 2019-12-06 18:00:16


Why do flies sit on humans? Well, like you, they get thirsty? So, they drink your sweat. Why not? Your sweat teams with proteins and salts and you are not using it. Now you think this is weird and gross? But did you know that they also love to eat your flaking skin cells?

And you can never catch those pesky critters! They experience time differently. Unlike the 7 dog years to 1 human year formula, scientists haven’t worked out fly-time yet: but suffice it to say that while, for humans — time flies, for flies — humans operate like romantic movies… in slow motion.

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The Carbon Dioxide you exhale draws them 0:36
They drink your sweat 1:13
They eat your flaking skin cells 2:00
Why you can never catch them 2:15
Do flies have teeth? 4:03
What about horseflies? 6:55
How you can deter flies 7:26

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– It is not halitosis, but the Carbon Dioxide you exhale that draws me. So long as you breathe, you cannot change that.
– Flies swarm the desert, the beach, and parched parking lots. Like you, we get thirsty. So, we drink your sweat.
– I love to eat your flaking skin cells. They are munchy fly snack chips!
– If you sorrow over having only two eyes, think of this: You have two eyes in each image of your face that is reflected in my 12,000 eyes.
– And—my special wings help me dodge around too. Flapping up and down is for the birds. Fly wings flap forward and back.
– And why must I crawl across your cheek? Because I have taste receptors in my feet! They help me locate the most saturated sweaty spots of skin.
– I won’t sting, bush flies like me have the soft fleshy mouths of collagen injected movie stars.
– Some flies love you for your hot, sweet, blood. And you are especially attractive in the summer when more of your tender skin is exposed.
– I know you want to sleep in peace, but we can’t leave you alone at night because we only live a few days.
– Horseflies have knife-like lips that slash at your skin. Then he, too, slurps. But he leaves a mess. The good news is, Horse flies are not known to transmit disease to humans.

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