Why Firefighters Have to Shave Everyday

Date: 2019-11-22 11:00:02


Have you ever wondered why doctors wear white coats, and cooks have those big old floppy caps? What do teachers and pilots have in common? How much do professional line sitter and pet food taster earn? Maybe you know why firefighters shave every day? (Actually, they can wear a mustache but not a beard!)

You’ll also learn much more about different professions from this video. And watch it till the end if you wanna find out which jobs are the most unusual. Yup, there are REALLY fascinating and interesting professions that are not widely known. Take a look — maybe you will choose one of them!

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Clean-shaven firefighters 0:25
Teachers’ job is stressful 0:51
The most boring profession 1:23
Dream job 1:58
The safest profession 2:21
The most dangerous profession 2:41
The cutest profession 3:03
Why doctors always wear white clothes 3:58
Long cylindrical caps 4:45
Courtroom sketch artists 5:19
Unusual professions 6:05

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A firefighter keeps watch as the wildfire burns a home near Malibu Lake in Malibu, Calif., Friday, Nov. 9, 2018: By FR170512 AP/Associated Press/East News,
Reportage on diabetic feet consultations in a hospital in Savoie, France: By AMELIE-BENOIST/BSIP/East News,
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– When a firefighter enters a burning building, they put on an S.C.B.A. – a special mask connected to an oxygen tank on the back. Smoothly shaved face provides a tight and sealed position of such mask.
– According to research, teachers experience the same amount of stress as firefighters and… airplane pilots.
– Do you find your profession really boring? Don’t worry, there’s something much more tedious out there. It’s dry paint watching!
– Do you suffer because it’s hard to get up for work in the morning? Hotels sometimes invite people to “test” beds.
– With regard to safety, a study was conducted in Germany, in which they found out which profession is the most beneficial for health – it’s economists.
– The Japanese spend more than 60% of their time at work in the office. So it’s okay if you fall asleep in the middle of a working day or meeting.
– It was scientifically proven that red color excites, green calms, and white gives energy, enhances activity, and inspires a sense of purity and… trust. That’s why doctors always wear white clothes.
– Have you noticed that some cooks have small caps, while others have long cylindrical ones? This way, the hierarchy of cooks in the kitchen is maintained.
– You have all seen these huge Lego sculptures in stores and at exhibitions. They are constructed by real professionals.
– It turns out your dog may have a psychological trauma or complexes, so feel free to take it to an animal psychologist.
– Pets have not only psychologists but also tasters. You can earn up to $25,000 a year if you feel that you have good taste and are ready to try such products.
– The readiness and maturity of Parmesan cheese is determined not only by taste, but also by sound. Specially trained people tap Parmesan with a small silver hammer and determine its quality.

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