Why Dogs Eat Grass and 33 Jaw-Dropping Facts

Date: 2020-02-12 17:00:12


Look around – you ever get to wondering? Why’s that ostrich hiding its head underground? Why are rainbows so rare? Why’s my dog eating grass? What does space smell like? Can you sneeze in your sleep?

Did you know that mosquitos have teeth? Or that when opossums “play possum,” they’re not playing at all – they DO pass out from extreme fear? Or that the first watermelons were extremely bitter or simply bland? Hey, we’ve got all the little-known facts you’ll ever need!

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Mosquitos have teeth? 0:17
Can you sneeze in your sleep 0:43
Most romantic creature 1:11
What melanism is 1:21
Why the cougar is a Guinness record-holder 1:52
What space smells like 2:41
When you can see rainbows 3:24
Diamond rain 3:37
Why your dog keeps eating grass 4:16
Puppy cats 5:00
Watermelon steak 5:52
Ostriches do NOT hide their heads in the sand 6:38
Enormous crystals 7:08
Extra bone 8::05
The Bee Hummingbird 8:35

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– Old mattresses are notably heavier than new ones because of the stuff they collect during their lifetime.
– Melanistic animals have too much dark pigment in their skin, feathers, or hair, and unlike their light-colored counterparts, they look almost black.
– Niagara Falls has moved back about 7 miles in the past 12,000 years due to erosion at the base.
– If you recycle a single glass jar, you’ll have enough energy to keep your TV running for 4 hours.
– Astronauts claim that space smells like searing steak or BBQ.
– A “jiffy” isn’t just a figure of speech. It’s a real time unit used in physics!
– Wanna save money on a wedding ring? Go to Jupiter or Saturn – it rains diamonds there!
– The Kea – a large New Zealand birdie from the parrot family – likes prying apart rubber strips from around car windows.
– There are way more living organisms on your skin than there are people in the whole world. Good luck forgetting about that!
– The top of the Eiffel Tower tries to get out of the sun on hot days! The metal construction gets heated by the sun and expands.
– Just like people, dogs and cats can be right- or left-handed.
– Although penguins can’t fly, they’re awesome jumpers!
– Indiana University’s main library sinks into the ground at a rate of 1 inch per year.
– There are only two seasons on Uranus, and they repeat twice a year. It means the planet has two summers and two winters.
– Some people have a mysterious extra bone in their knees. It’s called the fabella, and no one knows its purpose.
– The Bee Hummingbird is the world’s smallest bird that’s often mistaken for an insect.
– Newborn babies are pretty amazing: their heads make up a quarter of their entire body weight, they have around 300 bones, and their mouths are full of almost 10,000 taste buds.

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