Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in School

Date: 2020-01-03 17:00:17


Is your school considering a ban on cellphones? Don’t let it happen! What are you going to look at and listen to all day? Rather than get upset, why not launch your first campaign? “Save the cellphone!” Who knows, you may become a leader. Start by gathering convincing reasons to keep cellphones in school.

For example, convince your parents or guardians. They’re your best allies. Using a cellphone, you can turn homework in at the last minute. You can practice reading and writing as it’ll be in the future. Also, auditory and visual learners can benefit from recording the class on their cellphone!

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Convince your parents or guardians 0:42
… that having a cellphone in school will improve your grades 0:56
And remind them how overprotective you are! 3:01
Convince your teachers 3:30
… that having cellphones at school increases student vocabularies. 4:19
Also, phones can help students get out of a jam. 4:38
Last but not least: Convince your fellow students! 6:15

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– Some students ride the bus for hours. Hours that could be spent getting an early start on your homework.
– Using a cellphone, you can turn homework in at the last minute. You won’t always do that, but tell your parents you want to be graded on what you turn in, not when you submit it.
– The methods you learn in school should remain applicable in 20 years when, instead of writing cursive or hauling around heavy books, we’ll be typing book reports and reading online.
– Mom sometimes mistakes it for her cellphone and takes it to work. So, she misses messages from her clients all day and instead gets texts from your friend, Emma.
– Dad could text you when he’s going to be late picking you up. Which is, like, always. With a cellphone, instead of waiting in the rain, you could study in the nice, dry library!
– Auditory and visual learners can benefit from recording the class on their cellphone. Ask your teacher before you film them.
– When a student needs individual help, the rest of the class can watch educational videos.
– Having cellphones at school increases student vocabularies by helping them learn cool words like “deterrent”!
– Besides that, you can text each other about when the superintendent is coming down the hall and coordinate a surprise party!
– The biggest reason you’ll give the administration is that, no matter what the rule is, some kids are going to bring cellphones to school anyway.
– But you want to make sure they’re fired up! You can’t win this fight alone. You need your friends campaigning with you, so remind them what’s at stake.

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