Why Asians Make V-Signs in Photos

Date: 2019-12-11 11:00:02


There are many pictures of Winston Churchill throwing the peace sign. John Lennon and Yoko Ono also did it for world peace. But did they really start the V-craziness in Asia? Well, there are a few theories, and none of them involves Churchill or Lennon.

Of course, all that these days when they put up their index and middle fingers. It’s almost an instinct all around Asia. And it’s not just an easy solution for your hands, but also a way to make yourself look more kawaii, or cute. When you do it the right way, your face looks smaller and sweeter in pictures.

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Why they use a lot of wave symbols (~) 0:22
They do smileys their own way 0:53
A sure way to get many likes on a picture 1:27
Theories of the V-craziness in Asia 2:47
Purikura 5:43
Some other tips for pictures 6:16

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Preview photo credit:
Teenage girl making peace sign: By James Hardy/Altopress/East News,
Portrait of a businessman making the peace sign: By Glowimages/Glow Images RM/EAST NEWS,
Young woman posing in front of photophone, smiling, holding up peace sign: By Laurence Mouton/Altopress/East News,
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– When you’re trying to read the emoticons the way they are in Europe or the US, you have to turn them to the side 90 degrees. In Asia – you have to look at a smiley the way it is.
– K-pop helped finger heart take over the world. They say it started with an actress Kim Hye-soo in 2010, and has been a hit ever since.
– The more recent finger heart variation is the ‘Chuu heart’. Chuu from Korean girl group Loona started it, and everyone loved it!
– The first theory says the V-craziness started in the 1960s with baseball comic Kyojin no Hoshi (Star of the Giants), and manga Sain wa V! (V Is the Sign). They made a TV series out of the manga, and everyone started doing the “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!” chant.
– Another theory says a super popular singer in Japan from The Spiders band, Jun Inoue, started it all. He was in a Konica camera commercial in 1972 and threw the V in there.
– The magazine girls made V-signs, real life girls copied them. It has to do with how it changes your face.
– Theory number three is that it began with American figure skater Janet Lynn.
– Everyone was positive she’d win, but oh the fates, she fell doing a spin two minutes into her performance. It was obvious she wouldn’t win the gold.
– As she toured the country and signed magazines for her fans with “Peace and love”, she showed the V-sign quite a lot.
– Anyway, it’s not just an easy solution for your hands, but also a way to make yourself look more kawaii, or cute.
– Purikura are photo machines that are crazy popular in Japan. You can find them anywhere from shopping malls to landmarks and aquariums.
– You can experiment with effects, colors, and textures. At game centers, you can rent real costumes, wigs, bunny or cat ears.

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