Why Asians Like Brands So Much

Date: 2020-01-27 17:00:01


In the last few decades, the Asian world has turned from rather conservative views towards more European-style attitude. For example, South Korea is one great example of that shift: K-pop, bright clothes, dyed hair and much more have become a thing in this country, and in many ways they are trendsetters of the world fashion.

Asian countries and people are so very different from each other, but there’s one thing they totally have in common: their incredible style. And not just that, but also the high cost of their clothes and accessories. Turns out there’s a secret behind it! Wanna know it?

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– When it gets to high end clothing, that’s where the East beats everyone else. In China, for instance, getting yourself a handbag or a pair of shoes from a famous luxury brand is almost a must.
– It all started when people from Asia began traveling to Europe and the US several decades ago.
– In Japan about 90% of women have an authentic Gucci or Louis Vuitton bag… that they only carry for a single special occasion.
– Neither are luxury goods cheaper in Asia. It’s just that people buy them either spending most of their salaries or using instalment plans.
– When a luxury brand that’s never been there before opens a store in Japan, its products get swept from the shelves and hangers like there’s a tornado.
– Japan is, in fact, leading the march for luxury goods worldwide. They even have package tours to Paris during the sales season.
– But what’s the most surprising about this is that most Asians don’t even like the things they buy.
– In the individualistic western world, having a luxury item makes you stand out because not many people have them or can afford them. In the collectivist East, it’s the other way around.
– Public polls have shown that people who own a luxury item don’t even like it more often than not — they simply don’t want to be the black sheep.
– In modern Asia, you can basically buy yourself a way to the top layers of the society — something that would be unthinkable just half a century ago.
– This purchasing trend is also not limited to any class or gender. In China, for instance, luxury items are bought almost in equal proportions by men and women.
– People might spend their whole salary for a shirt or a watch, even if it means cutting on everything else for a whole month, including food.

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