Why Airplanes Don’t Have Shoulder Seat Belts But Cars Do

Date: 2020-01-31 03:00:10


There’s almost no design for beauty in aviation. The wing location, round windows, waist seat belts. Why are all these things exactly that way? For example, why can’t you carry liquids on board? Why couldn’t you use your phone on an airplane in the past? Why do landing gear tires not burst when landing?

And this one is my favorite: Is it true that hair and stubble grow faster on an airplane? The myth originated in the first half of the twentieth century. Soldiers noticed that their stubble had grown after the flight, hence the legend appeared. But this is not proven by scientists. So, fasten your seat belts. You’ll get answers to a lot of questions about planes.

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How to go faster in line at the airport? 0:19
Why can’t you carry liquids on board? 0:34
Why are the wings of cargo planes located at the top? 1:21
Why are most planes white? 2:00
Why are the turbines under the wings? 2:19
Can a plane fly with only one engine? 2:42
What does a small triangle on the aircraft walls mean? 3:00
Why are seat belts stretched across your stomach? 3:30
Why do flight attendants also have a shoulder strap then? 3:57
What exactly is turbulence? 4:21
How are airplanes protected from lightning? 5:09
Why couldn’t you use your phone on an airplane in the past? 5:34
Why do some airlines recommend not using phones even now? 5:57
In what cases do oxygen masks fall out of the ceiling? 6:18
Why are airplane windows round? 6:41
Why do landing gear tires not burst when landing? 6:59
Why do they dim the lights in the cabin? 7:13
What is the dirtiest place in the cabin? 7:51
Why is food not very tasty on the plane? 8:09
Is it true that hair and stubble grow faster on an airplane? 8:21

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– It’s better to stand in the leftmost line during registration. You’re likely to go faster because most people are right-handed and intuitively turn right.
– A plane can stay afloat from 10 minutes to 60 hours. It all depends on the model of the plane, weather conditions, and the pilot’s skills.
– White color best reflects the sun’s rays and the aircraft body doesn’t heat up. Also, the damage is best seen on white.
– Pilots easily control and land a plane if one of the engines stops working. The plane will just lean slightly to the side during the flight.
– When the plane gets into turbulence, it’s tossed a bit in the air. The waist belt will simply hold you in place in case of a more severe shake.
– Even if lightning strikes, the passengers won’t feel it. The entire aircraft is covered with an aluminum coating that conducts electric current but doesn’t allow it inside the plane.
– Masks don’t only fall out when the plane is falling, but when the air pressure changes too.
– If the aircraft windows were square, pressure would accumulate in the corners, possibly leading to damage.
– Passengers should get used to the darkness in case of an emergency landing at night. The lights are turned off so that they can easily navigate when leaving.
– The dirtiest place in the cabin is the tray table from which you eat. It has several times more bacteria than the toilet seat. Also, some passengers use this table to change diapers for their babies.
– The fact is that your taste buds change a little at high altitude. They become less sensitive to flavors.

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