Who Would Win: Human vs Neanderthal

Date: 2019-12-03 11:00:01


Are modern humans the pinnacle of the food chain, the strongest and most intelligent creatures ever to walk this Earth? Maybe now, but once upon a time, we had some real competition: Neanderthals.

Wait, like, cave people? Weren’t Neanderthals our ancestors? Nope! We came from the Cro-Magnon, which were early modern humans. Neanderthals were a separate branch of humans. Their DNA is even different from ours, so we can safely say that Neanderthals were a completely different species.

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What did Neanderthals look like? 0:42
The lifestyle of Neanderthals:
– Morning 2:15
– Afternoon 3:10
– Evening 3:57
– Night 4:56
Their lifespan 6:26
Why aren’t we all…Neanderthals? 6:51

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Preview photo credit:
Reconstruction of male and female Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) based on the La Chapelle-aux-Saints fossils: By S. ENTRESSANGLE/E. DAYNES/Science Photo Library/EAST NEWS,
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– The average Neanderthal was about 5’4” and weighed around 160 pounds. Neanderthals might’ve been smaller than modern humans, but they made up for it in stoutness.
– But modern humans have more complex and efficient brains.
– On his thick muscular legs, a Neanderthal could easily trek 30 miles just to find some dinner.
– Modern humans might be smarter, but Neanderthals would win any arm-wrestling match. They were anywhere from 5-20% stronger than modern humans.
– Neanderthals had an average lifespan of only about 40 years. They grew up a lot faster than we do – for Neanderthals, you were an adult at 12!
– It’s possible that Neanderthals could’ve been ruined by a very bad diet consisting of only meat. These tough guys hunted big game – they weren’t too interested in fruits, vegetables, or nuts.
– But when severe frosts came, the population of deer, mammoths, bison, and other goodies began to decline significantly.
– Due to this sharp global cooling, Neanderthals couldn’t cross a lot of distances, so they were forced to coexist with the Cro-Magnons who migrated from Africa.
– Neanderthals might’ve been physically superior to those early modern humans, but the Cro-Magnons were taller, more agile, and, most importantly, more cunning.
– Studies of Neanderthal skulls showed that they had a much larger brain than Cro-Magnon.
– The reason for the Neanderthals extinction could be… Neanderthals themselves. Every male risked his life daily fighting with bears, rhinos, mammoths and other ancient beasts.
– Because of this hardcore lifestyle, the number of men likely decreased, so the birthrate fell.

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