Who Jumps the Highest in the World?

Date: 2020-01-14 03:00:00


Looking at the average human, you can’t help but wonder: how in the world did this soft and, let’s be fair, clumsy-looking creature even get to the point where we are now? We aren’t the fastest runners, we can’t properly swim or fly, we don’t succeed even in climbing, but somehow, we’ve climbed to the top rank of nature itself. But we certainly didn’t jump up there.

Animals are way better at this. Kangaroos can jump over two average people standing on top of each other. Dolphins are the best jumpers in the ocean. Even fleas and plankton are champions when it comes to jumping. Let’s see who else made it to the list.

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Kangaroo 0:51
Kangaroo mouse 1:20
Dolphin 1:49
Impala 2:10
Lion 2:29
Mountain lion 2:45
The cheaters: flying fish, flying squirrels, and flying snakes 3:11
Frogs 3:43
White-tailed jackrabbit 4:15
Grasshopper 4:54
Spider 5:08
Froghopper 5:41
Flea 6:04
Trap-jaw ant 6:53
Copepode 7:24

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-Kangaroos can jump over two average people standing on top of each other.
-Kangaroo mouse can jump 9 ft high, which is 10 times its own body length.
-Dolphins can jump 10 ft over the surface of the water.
-Impalas can leap over a small bus.
-Lions can jump twice as high as a regular cat.
-Mountain lions, also known as Cougars and Pumas have to hop high – 20 ft high to be precise.
-A flying fish can jump up above the water and use its fins to fly for over 40 seconds straight. Flying squirrels can glide over a football field at once. And even flying snakes can do that by launching themselves off the trees and slithering through the air in an S shape.
-The absolute leap-master is American bullfrog, which can jump over 7 ft.
-White-tailed jackrabbit is one of the mightiest jumpers that can jump on top of a giraffe’s head.
-Grasshoppers are great jumpers thanks to their catapult legs.
-Spiders’ legs can expand like pistons, launching them up over 50 times their own length.
-A froghopper jumps straight up 27.5 in, which is 100 times its body length.
-A flea jumps only 10 in high, but for something that small it’s as if a person could jump over a 250 ft tall building — or the Eiffel Tower.
-When in danger, a trap-jaw ant aims its head downwards, and launches itself up in the air.
-Tiny plankton copepods launch them forward with the velocity of 1,000 times their body length per second.

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