Which Animals Could Lift The Most

Date: 2020-07-19 11:00:13


Paul Anderson broke the world record for the greatest weight ever raised by a human being – he could carry 8 people on his back! But still, we’re pretty weak little things. The average person can carry something about 15% of their weight. Of course, there are some super strong people than can lift up to 500 lb, but they can manage it only for a few seconds.

But if we had a jumping spider’s force, we’d all be superhumans! They can hold 170 times their weight. If we had the same strength, the average person could then lift about 25,000 lb – that’s 2 full-grown African elephants. So, how does our species compare to the heavyweight lifters, pullers, pushers, and biters of the animal kingdom? What’s the strongest animal in the world? By the way, is an ant stronger than an elephant? And what animals are stronger than a gorilla? Let’s find out!


Opossums 00:00
Humans 0:31
Sloths 0:46
Donkeys 0:59
Ponies 1:14
Bats 1:30
Grizzly bears 1:41
Hawks 1:54
Camels 2:09
The Green Anaconda 2:23
Musk ox 2:40
Crows 2:55
Buffalos 3:09
African Elephants 3:17
Tigers 3:34
Cats 3:48
Rats 4:02
Black bear cub 4:21
Jaguars 4:35
Frogs 4:50
Horses 5:07
Eagles 5:26
Bull shark 5:39
Saltwater crocodiles 5:52
Hyena 6:10
The Tasmanian Devil 6:24
Gorillas 6:53
Chimpanzees 7:09
Leafcutter ant 7:26
Jumping spider 7:43
Rhinoceros Beetles 7:59
The Dung Beetle 8:16
Oribatid mite 8:36

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