Where Is Planet 9?

Date: 2019-11-23 17:00:07


People have always been dreaming of conquering other galaxies and exploring space far away from our home. But the thing is that there are enough enigmas in our own Milky Way galaxy! Even better, there is one right inside our Solar System! This mystery is lurking somewhere on the outskirts of the planetary system, puzzling astronomers to no end.

Once upon a time, scientists noticed that something bizarre and inexplicable was causing chaos out there, in space. A mysterious celestial body was influencing the orbits of six smaller object in Kuiper Belt, far, far away from our home planet. This something got the name of “Planet Nine”…

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Ice Giants 1:13
Will we have to rewrite astronomy books? 2:04
What if you lived on Planet Nine 2:38
It can swallow us?! 😱 4:10
Primordial black holes 5:42

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Artist’s concept of a hypothetical planet orbiting far from the Sun: By Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC),
Animation is created by Bright Side.

– The thing is massive: more than 10 times bigger than Earth and around 5,000 times as large as Pluto!
– Ice giants aren’t as massive as gas giants but have a similar atmosphere.
– We used to believe that Neptune is the furthest planet from the Sun. But now, it may turn out that Planet Nine is the champion, being 20 times further away from the center of the Solar System than Neptune!
– If you lived on Planet Nine, your year would last 10,000 to 20,000 Earth’s years!
– Until scientists see Planet Nine with their own eyes, they can’t say for sure that it exists. But the evidence they have is quite solid.
– Scientists are looking for the planet using infrared equipment. If Planet Nine does exist, it’s supposed to leak infrared radiation.
– But then, what if Planet Nine isn’t a planet at all? The idea, which first appeared in 2019, suggests that the object that has created all this hullabaloo, might be… a black hole!
– But even if this guess is correct, you have nothing to worry about: Earth isn’t in danger. Primordial black holes are too small and weak to cause any serious harm to our planetary system.
– A primordial black hole would explain why hypothetical Planet Nine can’t be seen and doesn’t produce infrared radiation.
– But one of the main reasons why astronomers would be ecstatic should Planet Nine turn out to be a primordial black hole is the mystery of dark matter!
– Primordial black holes could be the very dark matter astronomers are searching for! Or at least, a kind of dark matter named MACHOs (which stands for massive compact halo objects).

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