When You Travel by Plane, Time Slows Down for You

Date: 2020-04-26 17:00:11


Is time traveling only possible in movies? But did you know that you go to the future every time you fly on a plane? And it’s not about the time zones changing. When you fly in an airplane at a high altitude where gravity is weaker, you get older by a few nanoseconds faster. And this happens during each flight.

By the way, gravity also makes the time go slower. The closer you are to the Earth, the slower the time goes. Say, there are two identical twins. One lives on the ground floor of the Empire State Building, and the other on the top of it. 80 years later, the second twin will be 90 billionths of a second older than the twin who lives on the ground floor! But how is it possible?

We ALL live in the past 0:22
Check out this cool experiment 1:09
How gravity makes the time go slower 2:03
How to fly into the past 3:11
Oddball paradigm 5:55
Why time slows down during long travels 7:38

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