When You Lie, Your Nose Gives You Away

Date: 2022-04-04 04:00:22


Our bodies are really smart mechanisms. They can function very well and a slight change in the world around us can be reflected in our body parts. For example, if you wanna know whether someone is a liar, pay attention to their nose. Will it grow Pinocchio-style? Or will it turn red because the temperature will rise?

In this video I’ve gathered the coolest body facts for you! You’ll find out where your eyes get their color from. Also, I’m gonna tell you which important role wisdom teeth used to have. And you’ll learn why the tongue is the only muscle with ends not connected to bone.


Someone is lying 00:00
Women’s hearts 00:35
Nerve impulses 01:18
Food consumed 01:26
Pigment melanin 01:55
Canal dehiscence syndrome 02:15
Yawning 02:40
Brain electricity 03:10
Bigger pupils 03:50
Echolocation 04:30
Skin’s outer layer 05:00
The enamel of our teeth 05:10
The tongue muscle 05:35
Sense of smell 05:50
Taste buds 06:30
Hair 07:05
Visual search 07:32
Sweat glands 07:55
Two legs 08:30
Blinking 08:55

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