What’s So Special About the James Webb Space Telescope?

Date: 2022-02-18 16:11:49


Have you ever heard of the James Webb Space Telescope? If you’re interested in astronomy and space, you’ve definitely herd about it and must be really excited about it! It’s obviously the most ambitious space telescope or probe ever launched. What’s so special about the James Webb Space Telescope?

First of all, it’s huge! The primary mirror is over 21 feet wide. Just think about it: if you placed the two telescopes side-by-side, it would be like putting a horse next to an elephant. Let’s learn more about it!


JWST 00:00
Images we couldn’t see before 01:20
The coronagraph 01:55
No-slit spectrograph 02:27
Grism 03:07
Lagrange Points 04:35
High-tech sunshield 05:37
Temperature measurement 06:17
Infrared Detectors 07:30
Cosmology 08:32

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