What’s Inside NASA Spacesuits (And Why They Are So Expensive)

Date: 2022-01-18 15:19:00


Spacesuits are an essential part of any space journey. They actually have a special term to name them: Extravehicular Mobility Units. Each of them costs up to $10.4 million to make. So what makes a spacesuit so extremely expensive? And what’s it made of?

Let’s explore what’s inside each spacesuit: from a ventilation fan to the helmet that serves as a pressure bubble. Get ready for a space-fashion show gala!


What’re spacesuits made of? 00:00
Price of a spacesuit 00:27
How many layers cover a spacesuit? 00:55
Temperatures outside a Spacesuit 01:37
A ventilation fan 02:12
A warning system 03:31
Visor to protect from the Sun 04:21
Thermal socks 05:21
Control module in the Chest Area 06:02
7 Parts for Assembling 06:53
The longest Spacewalk 07:10
New designs and features 07:46

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