What Your Job Would Be Like on Different Planets

Date: 2022-02-17 04:14:08


What did you wanna become when you were a child? How about some professions that’re really out of this world? An air taxi driver, an asteroid miner or a space jeweler? What would your job be in space?

Each of the planets out there has a different atmosphere and conditions. So there’d be some unique jobs you could pick on each of them. For example, there’s a ‘Diamond planet’ that’s twice as big and dense as the Earth and is covered with diamonds. So there’d definitely be need for space jewelers. While a dream job on Mars would be a ski instructor! Winter on the Red Planet lasts around six Earth months. What would you wanna become?


Asteroid miner on Mars 00:00
Ski instructor on Mars 02:08
Europa 03:40
Space taxi on Venus 03:53
Space volcanologist 04:56
Moon finder 05:24
Space jeweler 06:42
Glass jeweler 07:36
Explorer on Planet9 08:05

– Tens of thousands of asteroids are circling our Sun, and most of them are between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. That way, Mars is a perfect location for an asteroid miner;
– Since the gravity on asteroids is so much weaker than on Earth, you’ll have to learn how to use grapples to anchor yourself to the surface;
– Mars has 4 seasons, just like Earth, and winter there lasts around six Earth months because the year there is almost twice as long;
– The company will provide you with a flying car that looks like a mini spaceship on Venus;
– Venus is the planet with the most volcanoes in our solar system;
– All major planets have moons, except for Mercury and Venus. You’ll have to visit these planets first and try to find their moon;
– ‘Diamond planet’ is 41 light-years away from the Earth, located in the Cancer constellation. It’s twice as big and dense as the Earth, but almost 8 times more massive;
– There’s a planet where it rains glass! It’s located 63 light-years away from us, it’s a little big bigger than Jupiter, and you’ll be amazed by the planet’s atmosphere;
– Our scientists think Planet 9 exists because they noticed gravitational force affecting a group of small objects with clustered orbits.

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