What Your Handwriting Says About Your Character Traits

Date: 2020-01-02 17:00:05


They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But your handwriting just might be too! There’s even a whole science that studies it – graphology. By the way, criminal investigators often work with them. And here’s how they figure out if someone tells a lie – there are drastic changes in their handwriting style throughout a text.
Anyway, graphologists determine different personality traits just by looking at the small details of someone’s handwriting. Wanna find out yours? Then take a piece of paper and scribble any sentence on it. Put down your signature, too.

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How big are your letters? 0:40
Do they slant? 1:28
How much space is there between your words? 2:07
Are the letters in one word cramped or not? 2:40
Are the letters in one word connected? 3:23
How much pen pressure do you apply? 3:56
Cursive or print letters? 4:20
What’s the shape of your letters? 5:15
What does your “o” look like? 5:37
How do you write “e”? 6:02
How do you cross your “t”? 6:25
What does your signature hide? 6:59
What your handwriting can tell about your health 7:26

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– If your letters are on the big side it means that you’re pretty outgoing. You love being around people and being the center of attention. Small letters show that you’re shy when it comes to interacting with people.
– If your letters tend to slant to the right, you’re deeply attached to your family and friends. Left-slanted writing says that you’re rather reserved and don’t express your emotions much.
– Noticeably wide spacing between words indicates that you prefer to keep your distance from people. Narrow word spacing shows that a person wants emotional closeness with others.
– If the spacing between letters is average, then you’re friendly and outgoing by nature and can make friends with almost anyone. Letters that are far away from each other reflect an easy-going personality.
– If you connect letters while writing, then you have good logical skills. Disconnected letters reveal a defensive nature. But you have a good intuition which helps you avoid unpleasant situations.
– Light pressure shows that you’re very sensitive and empathetic. Writing with heavy pressure is typical for people who are committed to close people and activities.
– If you prefer using print letters then others most likely see you as a really confident person. Writing in cursive can indicate that a person loves doing everything perfect and following rules.
– Pointed letters can be a sign that the person is smart and curious. Rounded letters are common for creative people and kind-hearted people.
– If your signature is legible and sharp, you’re a strong person and don’t like to pretend. If your signature is illegible, you value privacy and you’re hard to read and understand.
– If your writing is excessively forceful, it might be a sign of high blood pressure. Tiny cramped letters with a varying slant that are hard to read might indicate some psychological or brain problems.

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