What You Should Do On-Board Depending on Your Plane Seat

Date: 2020-06-16 17:00:02


Airplane etiquette is a tricky and shadowy sphere, full of pitfalls and confusion. But once you grasp its main do’s and don’ts – like how you should behave depending on your seat or how you should treat your seatmates – air travel will immediately become as easy as pie! So, wanna be a polite passenger? There are a few basic rules.

For example, one of the biggest no-no’s of air travel is bare feet. Have you ever seen someone going barefoot on an airplane? It’s cringy and disgusting but even if we omit the topic of unpleasant odors, the airplane floor is extremely filthy! There’s likely to be a lot of dirt left after previous passengers. So if your feet need some freedom, take off your shoes but at least leave your socks on. Or bring a pair of light slippers.

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Do not ask people to let you jump the security line 0:25
Do not ask strangers to look after your belongings 1:03
Be understanding if a security agent doesn’t seem overly polite 1:37
Switching seats is a touchy topic 2:03
Do not grab seatbacks on your way to the lavatory 2:40
No bare feet on a plane! 3:22
Always try to store your bag over your seat 4:23
How airplane etiquette differs depending on your seat 5:02
Keep your conversations short 7:16
Do not crowd the baggage claim belt 8:03

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