What Would You Look Like If You Lived In Ancient Civilizations

Date: 2022-02-24 04:15:48


If you could pick any place and time in history you could live in – which would it be? Ancient Greece, Egypt, medieval Europe or maybe 19th century USA? What would you look like there? Today we’re exploring the craziest fashion trends throughout history. Get ready to be surprised multiple times: funny wigs, excessive makeup, ridiculous shoes and dresses that made it almost impossible to sit, or walk.

Are you ready for a fashion journey in time? It’s gonna be exciting and jaw-dropping at the same time. You’ll see that many of the trends from the past repeat themselves nowadays. Don’t forget to comment, which of the trends you’d love to see in modern fashion.


Ancient Egypt style 00:00
Egyptian paintings 00:50
Ancient Greeks style 01:40
Greek wigs 02:30
Ancient Rome 02:50
Extra sleeves 03:30
Ridiculous shoes 03:50
Shaved eyebrows 04:15
Venus 16th century 05:34
Macaroni 06:02
19th century 06:45
Victorian England 07:25
19th century USA 08:25
Radioactive cream 08:50

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