What Would It Take to Catch the Megalodon?

Date: 2020-08-18 11:00:10


So let’s imagine it’s true. After years of wild speculation, crazy theories, and dubious findings, it’s finally been confirmed. Megalodon, the greatest shark of all time, has been spotted in the waters of the South Atlantic. And now a group of researchers is preparing for the expedition of a lifetime: they’ll need to locate, catch, and tag the ocean predator to further study its behavior.

First of all, they need a fishing boat large enough to withstand the weight and lunge force of such a huge shark. At the moment, the only vessel close enough to what they need is a former crabbing boat refurbished to catch and tag great white sharks. But although great whites are the largest modern predatory sharks, they’re still much smaller than the megalodon. A great white shark can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh over 2 tons. The megalodon reached 60 to 80 feet and weighed whopping 50 tons…


How to catch the megalodon 0:30
Bait preparation 3:02
The researchers arrive to the spot 4:12
The most difficult part 6:12

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