What We Can Eat in 2030: Worms, Fake Meat, Non-Melting Ice-Cream

Date: 2020-11-12 10:51:18


What’s the future of food? What will we eat in ten years? Experts insist that thanks to the problems of overpopulation and limited resources, we need to rethink what we are eating every day. Research in the food industry and the rapid advancement of technology provide new perspectives on what we will be putting on our plates in the future. We collected some ideas about the food we’ll probably be eating in the future.

Okay, it’s just another day in 2030. You decide to start off by eating a bottle of water. Yep, in 2030, edible water bottles made of seaweed are a big thing. It’s cheaper and more eco-friendly than plastic. You can either pop it in your mouth or drink it bite by bite! You move to your kitchen to make some breakfast. You always have fresh veggies from your robotic greenhouse. Your smart kitchen decides you want a burger. But meat consumption was growing way too fast, so humans found a great alternative. Burgers are now plant-based or made with lab-grown meat.


Edible water bottles 0:23
Smart cooking gadgets 1:00
Lab-grown meat 1:52
Food of the decade 2:49
A food police 3:34
The improvement in food genetics 3:56
Everyone loves insects 5:04
Self-decomposing packaging 5:40

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