What Was the Earth Like Before Dinosaurs?

Date: 2022-01-12 04:00:29


We’ve heard many times that a massive asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs from our planet. But the dinosaurs were on Earth only 250 million years ago. What was before them? Our planet had a history of over 4 billion years before the Dinos. So what was it like?

Let’s travel back in time and witness the events as they happened since the very beginning – the formation of planet Earth. We’ll see our planet covered with a thick layer of ice, how a giant supercontinent was formed and what kinds of organisms inhabited the ocean.

Travel Back In Time 00:00
Earth doesn’t Exist 00:52
Earth Resembles Venus 2:48
Great Oxidation Event 3:47
Evolution of the Sun 5:11
Pannotia Supercontinent 6:44
The First Land Animals 7:28

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