What If Zero Disappears for a Day

Date: 2020-02-27 03:00:18


What does zero mean to you? Do you think it’s just “nothing”? But have you ever wondered what our world would look like if you took away zero just for a day? Btw, you might be surprised to learn that zero hasn’t been around forever. Yes, we used to live in a world without it! It was invented in India during the 5th century.

But why did it take humanity so long to understand something as basic as “zero”? You can see those 3 birds perched on a tree branch or those 2 bees flying around your 1 can of soda. But zero? The absence of something? You never see it, never think about it because it’s not there for you to perceive! Yet zero is so incredibly important…

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– Zero was invented in India during the 5th century. They came up with a circular symbol denoting this “nothing.” They called it “shunya.”
– The image of zero itself symbolizes the life cycle or, as it’s also called, “the snake of eternity.” Yes, for them, zero also meant infinity!
– This new revolutionary concept was eventually picked up by the Arabs and included in their numerical system, which we all use to this day.
– The foundation of any computer program is binary code. And this code consists of zero and one.
– While you’re at it, forget about TV, charging your gadgets, reheating food in the microwave, even just turning the lights on! Without zero, we couldn’t calculate electricity.
– No more Bond movies or cinemas for that matter. Movie theater projectors work by showing 24 frames per second – you’ve gotta count that from zero!
– All that electronic equipment in hospitals wouldn’t work either. MRIs, X-rays, electrocardiographs – we wouldn’t even be able to count a person’s pulse rate!
– The Prime Meridian (that’s 0° longitude on the globe) won’t be a thing, which means modern navigation goes with it. Without it, planes and ships will be rendered useless.
– GPS – gone. How can it measure the distance between two places without a starting point?
– If people can’t travel, then towns will become isolated. We’d probably even go back to horses and buggies and paper maps!
– You’ll probably need to beef up your farming skills and become completely self-sufficient because in a world without zero, entire economic systems will cease to be!
– Modern mathematics, geometry, physics, and other exact sciences would disappear.
– In numerology, zero is the beginning, the source of all numbers – it practically symbolizes the root cause of everything.
– Every atom, substance, and molecule in the universe came from something, and that something is zero.
– The universe started with a bang, and space-time has been expanding from there. Without time, there is nothing.
– You can add zero, subtract it, and multiply by it, but you CANNOT divide by zero.

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