What If You Woke up with a Dog’s Sense of Smell

Date: 2020-01-09 11:00:09


One day, I woke up smelling like a dog. I don’t mean all rank and stinky – that would be my big brother Jake! I mean, I woke up and I could smell everything. The way a dog can.

I knew the smell of foods before, of course, but it was a total surprise to me things like pencils also have a distinct smell. A human has 6 million smell receptors, and a dog – 50 times as much. So let’s find out what it means and what new opportunities it opens up.

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The dream the night before 0:19
Knowing a scent before seeing the source 0:55
50 times as many smell receptors 1:58
A nose that is always wet 2:45
The power of sniffing 3:35
Sensory overload 4:26
A walking GPS 5:55
The picnic 7:12
Finding Billy 7:49

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-It was a hot summer night, and I had a dream I was swimming in the ocean of smells.
-A dog knows a scent long before it sees the source. Their whole world is different smells, ones that humans can’t even pick up.
-A normal boy has 6 million smell receptors, a dog is a super-sniffer with over 300 million of them.
-A dog’s nose is all slimy because it helps their sense of smell. and helps with taste too. That nose slime absorbs chemicals in scents, and a dog can feel them on the roof of its mouth.
-I was able to feel the scents of things like sneakers and hair ribbons long before I could see them and knew whom they belonged to.
-I got a sensory overload from all the smells on the way: people roasting turkey, cutting grass – I knew it all. And I could even smell feelings and emotional states.
-Mom’s GPS wasn’t listing the desired destination but I was able to lead us using my super sense of smell.
-Finally, we arrived at the picnic. The whole family was there. We ate, the grown-ups talked, and the kids threw frisbees together.
-Then, little cousin Billy suddenly disappeared. I breathed out, got the tiny scent markers moving around my nose, and I sniffed in and followed smell after smell to find him eventually.

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