What If You Woke Up As a Hot Dog in a Fridge

Date: 2022-03-29 07:38:37


What’s your favorite food? An apple, pizza, cakes or maybe hot dogs? We need food every day, as it’s the vital fuel for our bodies. But just imagine we could turn into something tasty ourselves? What if you woke up as a hotdog about to be eaten? Here’s a fun video answering this hypothetical question.

One day you wake up and your reflection off the plastic reveals that you’re a hotdog. And you remember you have a strange name: Frank Furter. But you realize you have mind and can feel emotions and sensations. You can scream at people about to eat you and scare them away… But will you manage to survive and not get eaten?


Wrapped up in plastic 00:00
You’re free 00:50
Preparing meal 01:30
Inside trash 01:54
Not far from town 02:40
Birds chasing you 02:57
Getting away 03:58
Large boat 04:14
Place to rest 05:20
Supermarket community 05:57
Manager’s office 06:50
Going to the countryside 07:23
New community 07:38
Music by Epidemic Sound

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