What If You Swallowed a Jellyfish

Date: 2019-11-25 11:00:10


All over the world, but especially in Asia, jellyfish are a popular food. In fact, so many people swallow jellyfish — on purpose — that the world harvests almost 354,000 tons of them every year! In China, they even raise baby jellyfish in ponds and then move them to the ocean to increase the jellyfish population.

But to swallow Mr. Jelly at the beach is a really bad idea for both of you. Even common jellyfish can make you really sick, and all jellyfish have stingers. You might not think so, because in some, the stingers are too short to pierce human skin. Those ones won’t hurt us. That is … unless you swallow them.

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How about jellyfish water? 2:05
Some people swallow jellyfish on purpose 3:07
Jellyfish that can sink the ship 3:40
In which ways jellyfish can be eaten 4:40
Jellyfish Ice-Cream! 5:28
Medicine and Magic 8:09

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– The sensitive membranes inside your mouth and lining of your throat are thinner, and therefore easier to pierce than your skin.
– A teenage lifeguard in Australia was rushed to the hospital after he drank a jellyfish and tentacle infusion.
– Someone at the surf club where he worked had saved a few tentacles of the extremely venomous Box Jellyfish in a jar of water and left it in the club refrigerator.
– He was already having trouble breathing by the time the paramedics arrived.
– Japan’s waters are teeming with “Nomura’s Jellyfish.” These guys weigh in at a colossal 450 pounds! They’re so big that when they get caught in a fisherman’s net, they can sink the ship!
– Desalinated, Jellyfish don’t have much flavor, but they have hardly any fat and can add texture to food, or even be served alone if they’re dressed with something really spicy, like chili sauce.
– Health-nuts will even tell you that Jellyfish Chips are a fabulous alternative to the potato kind!
– A lot of sea life, especially in the deep sea where it’s super-dark, have this amazing feature. Bioluminescence allows half of all jellyfish to glow!
– Scientists believe that Bioluminescent Jellyfish use flashes of light to communicate; kind of like an underwater light house.
– People swallow jellyfish for medicinal and magical reasons too. Some think that eating them will ease muscle pain or improve memory.
– As for magic, well, I’m not saying eating jellyfish powder will make that girl in math class fall in love with you, but the Chinese have been using dried jellyfish as a love potion for over 1700 years.

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