What If You See Two Different Things from Each Eye

Date: 2020-02-01 17:00:12


I’ve been a big fan of chameleons since childhood. Not because they’re so colorful, but because of their eyes. It’s so cool how they can look in different directions at the same time. And I’ve always wondered what if a human had such eyes too. Luckily, I found out soon enough.

One famous professor invited me to participate in an experiment. He’d studied the structure of chameleon eyes for many years and found out how to recreate them in a person. Long story short, I agreed to the experiment, and the professor conducted a difficult operation on me. And it was a success! Sort of…

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It was difficult in the beginning… 0:48
How one evening changed everything 1:45
Am I a superhero? 2:56
Sharp changes 4:50
What the experiment showed 5:38

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– It was difficult in the beginning. I saw two different pictures at the same time, and my brain was confused about which picture should be paid attention to.
– It wasn’t safe for me to ride a bike, let alone drive a car.
– I didn’t leave home for a week. It was difficult even to walk around the apartment.
– But one evening changed everything. I lay down on the grass, took a deep breath, and saw something incredible: a whole cosmos with hundreds of thousands of stars, flying planes, birds.
– A week later, I could see the Big Dipper among the stars and watch some ant crawling in the grass simultaneously.
– Talking to a person, I not only understood their speech but also read their body language.
– I began to read much faster. No, I didn’t read two pages at the same time — the narrative got confusing. I could see several lines at once. I also developed a photographic memory.
– Something strange began a few months later. My brain had been controlling my eyes for so long that it allocated its own hemispheres to each eye at some point.
– I could watch a horror movie and laugh at the main characters’ foolishness, but five minutes later, I feel scared of what is happening on the screen.
– I wanted to go outside and sit at home at the same time. One day I accidentally cut myself with a knife, but when I looked at my hand, there wasn’t even a scratch.
– I called the professor and told him everything. He examined me and found some serious anomalies. The professor had to restore my eyes to normal.
– The experiment showed that we’d better not play with nature and remain ourselves. And so my chameleon life ended.

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