What If You Lived in a Computer Simulation

Date: 2020-11-17 19:41:19


Imagine that our entire life is a computer simulation. Yeah, just like in sci-fi movies. What we feel when we touch any object is the response of neurons in the brain. Smell, sight, and all other senses, even emotions would only be the result of a billion calculations of a massive computer. The most striking, and probably scary, thing is that this theory makes sense.

The first video game in the world was created in 1952: “Noughts and crosses.” Now, 62 years later, there are many worlds in modern video games. Worlds that contain characters with artificial intelligence. Now imagine what will happen in the next 50 years. The power of computers will increase by millions of times. They will be able to generate brain activity inside the artificially created character. All “bots” will feel a full life and not realize that they are just part of extensive computer simulation and serve to entertain players…


All physical space is just a hologram? 1:53
What caused people to doubt our reality’s veracity 3:22

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