What If You Laughed for 24 Hours Straight

Date: 2020-02-04 17:00:09


A weird thing happened to me last night. I was watching some movie where the main character was laughing a lot, and I caught myself thinking: what if you laughed, like, for a full day, non-stop? The thought of it was so funny for some reason that I actually started laughing, and… couldn’t stop myself. So there it began.

At first, it was kinda fun. You know it — when you laugh, you basically ARE having fun, endorphins filling your bloodstream and all that. But after about 5 minutes I started realizing I wasn’t going to stop, after all…

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When I began really worrying 1:00
How I spent the night 1:22
Why I didn’t go to work 4:13
Dangerous guys 6:46
… and wid animals 7:16

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– That’s where I began really worrying if everything was alright with me. It was 10.45 pm, I was going to go to bed in another 15 minutes, but my educated guess (through all the shaking from laughter, right) was that I wasn’t going to sleep tonight.
– More time passed, and I started feeling cramps in my belly. You know that feeling when your stomach muscles ache after you’ve laughed for a while?
– I cleaned my apartment, laughing hard. I washed all the dishes left over from dinner, still laughing like mad.
– I didn’t want to sleep, by the way, because all that laughing somehow boosted my system with good hormones.
– I went to the bathroom and faced another problem: I had to brush my teeth, I usually do it before breakfast.
– My sister got into some kind of trouble with her car stuck in the middle of nowhere and nobody would help her. I grabbed this opportunity to write to my boss at once that I was having an emergency, and rushed off outside to help her.
– She stood at the curb, waving at me, and while I pulled over, I was thinking fast how would I explain my attitude.
– I think She got offended by my attitude, but I promised myself to explain everything to her later, and got down to repairs.
– I got back in my car and decided I’d skip the day at work completely — it was already past lunch anyway, so I went to some roadside diner where nobody knew me and very few people were inside.
– But on the way to my car, a big man went out of the diner with a rolling pin in his hand. He wasn’t smiling. Bad sign. He asked me to share the joke so he and his brothers could laugh with me.
– I don’t think they understood what I was blabbering about, and they continued walking slowly and menacingly to me, but then I finally bumped into something hard.
– But it was also warm and… breathing? Definitely not my car, I thought and turned around. It was a unicorn!
– It turned out I fell asleep while watching the movie and didn’t even notice it.

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