What If You Knew Absolutely Everything in the World

Date: 2020-01-18 17:00:13


I’ll bet that you’ve heard about this theory that we only use 10% of our brain’s potential and if we could do more than that, we’d have superpowers, teleport and maybe time-travel.
This is a century-old myth that got everyone hooked on the idea that if we had more knowledge, we could surpass Einstein. Neurologists have now disproven it, saying that on any given day, we’re able to use 100% of our brain. So, what would happen if we gained infinite knowledge? Let’s find out!

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A century-old myth 0:14
What would happen if we gained infinite knowledge? 0:55
The pros and cons of being a real-life encyclopedia 2:02
Three possible outcomes in that scenario 3:03
No more feelings 4:54
You won’t know everything after all 5:28
Your brain would process the information forever 5:56
You’d have big problems 7:02

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-The 10% myth was a misinterpretation of neurological research in the late 19th century. Neurologists have now disproven it, saying that on any given day, we’re able to use 100% of our brain.
-You’d know everything about every purchase you’ve made and everything in the world including small details and origins of things surrounding you. You’d also know everything about the life of other people.
-Your brain is responsible for your sleep, your dreams, your appetite, and every move you make. Our knowledge capacity is colossal. If we had unlimited information, we could find a way to live forever. Or we could descend into chaos.
-One scenario is that you’ll regret it instantly. Another possibility is that you’ll feel superior to everyone else. The third possible outcome is that you’ll lose your humanity.
-Our feelings are based on the unknown. So if you know everything, it’d be impossible to experience them. You’d become an emotionless robot.
-Your mind will select the data that’s important and delete the rest. That means you won’t know everything after all.
-Think of how your computer freezes when you import all the data at once. The same thing would happen to your mind.
-As the knowledge begins to make its way through your brain, the infinite electrons will create a gravitational pull and start to suck in everything around you.

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